Miller Hull

Friday Intern Feature: Taylor

8-17-2018 | Blog

The School of Architecture at Taliesin

San Diego

What was the best concert you ever attended?
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Where’s your favorite place in the world?
I lived on the east coast of Taiwan for a while, so I’ll go with Haulien, Taiwan.

What’s your favorite movie?
The Big Lebowski

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?
Steph Curry. If I could just shoot like that for a day, I’d be a happy man.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

Which four individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?
Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, Muhammad Ali and Dave Chappelle

What’s your favorite family tradition?
Monkey Bread on Christmas morning.

What drew you to Miller Hull?
The history and evolution of the firm. Once I started researching it, the way it started with service-based projects, earth sheltered cabins kind of evolved to these big institutional and even embassy-type projects. It’s just been fascinating to watch and cool to be a part of.

What projects have you worked on/are currently working on?
UCSD Torrey Pines, ARCC and awards graphics for IDEA1 and Del Mar Civic Center

Is this internship what you were expecting?
I didn’t really know what to expect, I just wanted to be able to do what was asked of me. But it has exceeded expectations in the sense that everyone’s been really helpful and patient. They’ve taught me a ton and helped me on my journey.

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?
I’d say learning Lumion. Total game changer. Makes really nice images a lot easier than I was ever able to do them before.

What has been the most challenging?
Probably the coffee machine here. It’s defeated me a couple of times.