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Ron Rochon to speak at Virtual Housing Design Week presented by AIA Seattle on June 11, 2020

Date: 6-11-2020
Time: 9 - 10:30 a.m.
Location: Virtual Housing Design Week by AIA Seattle - Virtual Series

5-27-2020 | Events

Partner Ron Rochon will be discussing The Shire and Loom House as part of the panel “Design Inspiration.”

Session details:
Through case study presentations and round-table discussion, learn the inspiring stories and collaborative efforts behind residential projects driven by values and experimentation, including the Loom House (The Miller Hull Partnership) and Tsuga Townhomes (Wittman Estes).

Other speakers include Todd Vogel and Karen Hust, Loom Foundation; Cassie Hillman Picard, Graham Baba Architects; Matt Wittman, Wittman Estes.

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Ron Rochon

FAIA, Partner

Exploring how architecture can affect the significant role buildings play in carbon emissions and carbon management is Ron’s career-spanning passion, with the elegant integration of high-performance architecture and engineering the emergent hallmark of his practice. Since assuming the role of managing partner at Miller Hull, Ron has taken the firm to the next level as a…

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