Miller Hull

Eco Terrace: Creating the energy blueprint for a more equitable future

5-10-2023 | News

By Jim Hanford, Michael Helmer, Katherine Martin, Brie McCarthy, Rio Namiki, Gabrielle Peterson and Jay Hindmarsh

Miller Hull discusses award-winning reimagining of International Terrace

An architect’s work is embedded in a community. Although our nominal goal is to improve the lives of those coming into direct contact with our specific site, we have a duty to widen our lens and consider the spaces beyond. Often times, the urban space in which our site sits suffers from the continued effects of a racist history. From the way the highways intersect with and dislocate neighborhoods, to the location of the airport and industrial processes, so many places are negatively impacted by the developmental decisions guided by structural racism. Whether architects choose to accept this responsibility or not, we inherit these challenges, and have the opportunity to evaluate how our designs can begin to remake these neighborhoods in a way that honors those who live there.

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