Miller Hull

Amber Mauer

Senior Associate, Business Development Director

San Diego Studio

Business Development isn’t just about landing projects or spreading the word of Miller Hull. For Amber, relationships are the most important part of the field, and Amber works hard not only to create meaningful business partnerships, but to form lasting connections within the office. “Miller Hull is full of wonderful people that I am so lucky to know. They do beautiful work and they really care, and I feel like I’m a better person because of them.” A developer of business, relationships, friendship, and self-confidence, Amber has been instrumental in leading Miller Hull into new sectors, new regions, and new ways of thinking.

Amber has been a vital character in the expansion of Miller Hull as a practice. Initially joining the firm with the opening of the San Diego studio over a decade ago, she has helped grow the San Diego studio from five to over 18 people. Today, Amber works with both studios throughout the country, and serves as an invaluable advocate for the professional development of her colleagues, motivating partners, principals, and associates to create their own spheres of influence. “A big part of my job is making sure the people I work with get recognition. It furthers their individual careers and broadens their reach, but also helps increase the visibility of the firm.”

Amber’s own sphere of influence is large with involvement and Board leadership for organizations like the Downtown San Diego Partnerships, Urban Land Institute and Commercial Real Estate Women to name a few. This involvement has not only been important for her own professional development but has enhanced her ability to be a mentor in the industry and grow Miller Hull’s community involvement.


  • Urban Land Institute
  • Downtown San Diego Partnerships
  • Commercial Real Estate Women

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