Miller Hull

Eugene Lau

AIA, Associate

Seattle Studio

Eugene sees himself as many things: a Swiss watchmaker, making beautiful things work in harmony under tight constrains; a project architect, maximizing design opportunity; a project manager, understanding stakeholders’ objectives; a building science enthusiast, integrating material and construction knowledge in the art of design. All of these roles, however, point towards the same goal: optimistically making the built environment a better place for everyone.

This glass-half-full mindset is one that Eugene carries with him always, believing that everyone is capable of greatness if they have proper resources “Sometimes people get stuck, but I always think that maybe I can help. Sure, there might be a knot, but let’s not focus on the knot — let’s simply untangle it.” Eugene strives to be a helpful resource around the office and for the community, lending a helping hand to his colleagues, and making dreams come true for his clients.

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