Miller Hull

Community catalyst IDEA1, AIA San Diego Honor Award

At the heart of our work is a connection to the power of natural surroundings. Our legacy of environmentally responsible buildings is inspired by the efficiency and elegance of passive systems and regional materials. We leverage the openness and flexibility of modernist form to celebrate connections inside and out.

Beginning with original founding partners—and now extending to two West Coast studios—partnership is at the core of our practice. Our process engages everyone involved, to mine deeper insights and push concepts further in the creation of exquisitely detailed buildings that connect people, place and landscape.

Contributing to a better world through design with clients who share our aspirations for a more sustainable future is nurtured and reinforced at The Miller Hull Partnership.

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The essence of their practice and the genius of their work is collaboration. 2003 AIA National Firm Award certificate

Most clients come to The Miller Hull Partnership facing an opportunity they want to approach in a new or different way, that hasn’t been done or seen before. We partner with clients and consultants to create deeply impactful buildings that are fresh and unexpected—whether a home, school or civic destination.

We maintain the perspective to provide unexpected solutions by working across typologies. Giving our people the chance to work on a broad range of projects designing inspiring places where people Live, Work, Learn, Gather and Serve. This cross-pollination results in a wonderful alchemy and provocative synergy that drives innovative outcomes for our clients.

Our clients impact their communities in amazing ways, and it is our privilege to help them do their best work by doing ours.

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We are not defined by the projects we do, but by the problems we solve. Robert Hull