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Home is where the heart is. Whether you live by yourself, with friends or with immediate or extended family, your home is the most direct reflection of your true self and forms the foundation for the context of your life. The physical environment in which you live allows for the intimacy of personal space while embracing the larger opportunity to be a meaningful part of a community. In the early years, we established our reputation by designing single-family residences and cabins. These remain an important part of our practice, allowing us to push boundaries in aesthetics and performance. LIVE now also includes multi-family and mixed-use projects that work to enrich the urban fabric of our cities by creating high-performance, livable buildings, resulting in a built environment that benefits individual residents and the broader community.

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The average person spends roughly one third of their life at work. The physical environment where that time is spent plays a significant role in shaping the quality of work produced, and the degree of collaboration with colleagues affects the overall satisfaction of the person doing the work. The workplace can — and should be — nothing short of inspiring, uplifting and vibrant. Our approach to these projects strives for holistic and compelling environments that attract employees and increase retention, productively and enjoyment. WORK creates spaces that reflect the unique goals of our clients, while always advancing equity, identity, performance and health. Our long-standing reputation is based on creating pride and fostering connections within companies, agencies and communities.

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Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere. At any level, learning is predicated upon the ability to be open to new possibilities, to be excited about discovering new potentials and to create opportunities not previously available. The physical environments in which learning occurs can be structured to support formal teaching, informal interactions and an environment that promotes and rewards inquisitiveness and curiosity. Our goal with these projects is to bring critical thinking, problem solving and a highly collaborative approach to create inspiring learning environments resulting in transformative design that enables a deeper understanding in teaching, research and sustainability. LEARN works with academic institutions to design catalyst projects that have a positive impact on students, faculty, facilities and leadership in order to create a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.

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Coming together as a community provides opportunities to bond over shared values and engage in a productive discourse over our differences. These are the places that people remember — they are equitable, experiential and multi-generational. They are those we often cherish most in our society, but those we are at a risk of losing in today’s high-tech world. They are highly scalable and many times the face of a city, the heart of a community, or an opportunity for individual reflection in the public realm. Our work has always been community based and the projects in this sector are perhaps some of our most recognizable and visible projects. GATHER provides a unique opportunity to leverage the impact of inspiring programs that contribute to a strong urban fabric and result in iconic projects, reflective of their community values.

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Our communities depend on vital infrastructure and public services, yet the institutions providing those services are often invisible to those they serve. By “making the invisible visible,” we believe that these projects can better support those who provide these services, build appreciation for the infrastructure that supports our daily lives, and convey the importance of the regional and global gateways that serve as our civic identity. Our work in this sector is quite diverse, however, our approach to these projects is remarkably similar — create a positive identity, advance safety and performance, improve sustainability and resiliency, all while raising awareness and increasing community access. SERVE delivers projects that result in transformative design with the powerful potential to positively deliver our client’s mission and work.

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The overarching intent of THINK is to establish a vehicle for critical thinking and deep inquiry; a lens that will allow us to see things differently and expand what it means for us to practice architecture. It is about elevating our day-today thinking, demonstrating that Miller Hull is more than an innovative design firm — we are also an intellectual enterprise. We strive to be recognized by those around us as much for our THINKing as we are for our work. This approach is part of our cultural DNA and is about conceiving and nurturing breakthrough ideas. THINK topics come from every project and every person in the firm. Everyone has both the license and the responsibility for THINKing in a manner that will move themselves and the firm forward.

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