Miller Hull


Home is where the heart lives, the hat hangs.

The home reflects the lives it holds. It is a refuge, a place of restoration and growth, and a source of community, all in one. Beginning with single-family homes and cabins, our practice continues today with highly sustainable residences, for one family, for many. The multi-family and mixed-use projects that LIVE designs work to give sanctuary and comfort to residents, enrich the surrounding neighborhood, and enhance the broader community so improvement for one is improvement for all.

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When teamwork meets dedication and innovation, breakthroughs abound.

With one third of the average human’s life spent at work, the workplace should be nothing short of uplifting and vibrant. Especially now, the workplace is where one goes to find what they cannot in their home office: a source of community, a place of focus, and the facilities that enable a different level of collaboration. WORK creates environments that attract employees and increase retention, productivity, and enjoyment. We aim to design spaces that mirror both our public and private clients’ missions while always advancing equity, identity, performance, and health.

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Knowledge is power, learning is progress.

Learning is a life-long endeavor. This is why we design buildings to learn in and to learn from – educational spaces that inform the way we collaborate and exercise curiosity, and catalyst projects that set standards and redefine industry-wide expectations. Our goal is to create spaces that enable a deeper understanding in teaching, research, and sustainability. LEARN works with academic institutions, from early learning to K12 schools to universities to design projects that excite and inspire students, faculty, facilities, and leadership, evoking a passion for discovery that lasts a lifetime.

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We are at our most alive when we come together.

Coming together as a community is an opportunity to engage with humanity, bond over shared resources, and contribute to an energy that keeps us dynamic and evolving. When these shared spaces are equitable, experiential, and multi-generational, people remember them forever. GATHER creatively leverages programs to create long-lasting social infrastructure, ultimately contributing to a strong urban fabric and reflecting the very people it is intended to connect.

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There is no greater challenge and no higher honor than public service.

The ways our clients serve their communities are diverse. From enhancing public safety to creating civic gateways to improving essential infrastructure, these vital projects are critical to our daily lives. SERVE believes this work can better support the collective good by building appreciation for the services that sustain us at home and abroad. We seek to make invisible infrastructure visible, celebrate and protect our civic identity with regional and international gateways, and convey the importance and functionality of those who work tirelessly to keep our towns and cities safe.

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If our minds don’t wonder, our brains won’t wander.

What if? This is the question that’s always on our minds. What if we reclaimed abandoned strip malls for urban agriculture? What if architecture and landscape could not just intersect, but integrate? What if we could use right-of-way’s to provide green space to city dwellers? We intentionally make time for this kind of critical thinking and deep inquiry on a daily basis, believing that this lens allows us to see a holistic world while we dream up a better one. What if? Let’s THINK about it.

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