Miller Hull

Advanced Representation

University of Washington Seminar
Architects don't make buildings; they make drawings of buildings. Robin Evans

University of Washington Seminar

This graduate-level course is a subset of the research undertaken by Vlanka Catalan and Sarah Chan of Constructing Media during their tenure as the 2019 Bob Hull Research Grant Awardees. The course examined the role of representation in architecture through lectures and workshops. Students explored different types of media as a means to effectively develop, understand and communicate architecture. Each week the class looked at both internal and external representations, a combination of an individual’s design process and how that is communicated beyond.

The class looked at strategies to explore and understand each medium for its limitations and biases. Lectures showcased examples and demonstrated processes and techniques to effectively use architectural representation tools. Digital pin-ups were held weekly as way for students to share their workflows and dilemmas with the class.

Mediums explored included Perspective, Anti-Perspective, Sound, Time, Darkness and Color.