Miller Hull

Matt’s Place

Spokane, WA
Miller Hull is working with the Matt’s Place Foundation to provide hope and housing for families with ALS.
Client Matt's Place Foundation
Size 1,561 SF
Completion 2022


In collaboration with Matt’s Place, a foundation that provides housing and support to those with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Miller Hull is donating design services to develop and construct the foundation’s second ground-up project. This prefabricated case-study house is meant to push the boundaries of accessible design and test new methods of construction for future Matt’s Place houses. The team will break ground in Spring 2021.This net-zero energy residence will be built with CLT panels and will incorporate cutting edge technology for adaptable living, including home control systems capable of being used solely by the occupants eye movements. Most importantly, the design of the house allows patients and families to stay together as the disease progresses, offering comfort and dignity as they endure untold hardship.

Project Collaborators
Vaagen Timbers
Baker Construction

This project is part of our 1+ program. For more information on the program, visit our Social Equity page.