Miller Hull

Roddy/Bale Residence

Bellevue, WA
Forming a wall between two moods, or outdoor rooms, of the site.
Completion 1998


The Roddy Bale residence takes advantage of the views from its long, thin, residential site. The new structure, located on approximately the same part of the site as the dilapidated 1950’s ranch style house it replaced, looks towards phantom lake to the south and uphill through a series of large, old trees to the north. By straddling the property, the house forms a wall between the two moods, or outdoor rooms of the site.

The main floor pairs a large open plan living/dining/kitchen space with a service core that runs along the north side and contains a library, bathroom, stair, and storage. The glazed southern elevation lets in light and air from the lake while a narrow slot of windows in the north wall maintains the contained feeling of the woods, but allows a view straight through the house.

The structure is primarily steel with exposed wood decking on the ceilings, but upstairs, masonite flooring with colorful inset rubber shapes lends a more lighthearted feel.

The owners spend much of their time outdoors in the garden. The main entry is through an open exterior workspace that accommodates the need for plant preparation and serves as an outdoor entertaining space. The concrete sink and countertops are functional, simple, and complement the clean lines of the house.