Miller Hull

LOTT Clean Water Alliance Regional Services Center

Olympia, WA
A great architectural lesson that a simple diagram, poetically connected to a client’s mission, can result in such an absolutely, purely elegant building. 2011 AIA COTE Top Ten Award, jury comment
Client LOTT Alliance
Certifications LEED Platinum
Size 32,000 SF
Completion 2010


Much of our nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure is invisible to those who depend upon it everyday. Essential services are expected to be there when needed and tend to be taken for granted.  This building makes the invisible visible through design and education. It demonstrates a more sustainable future by promoting “the right water for the right use.” It is primarily about inspiring people to care for one of the most precious natural resources: water

LOTT Clean Water Alliance is a regional wastewater treatment agency in the Pacific Northwest serving 85,000 customers across four jurisdictions. While most wastewater treatment plants around the country are separated from their communities by a chain link fence, this Regional Services Center actively engages the public and raises awareness about the value of reclaimed water.

Class A Reclaimed water is one level of treatment from potable water and its use reduces the demand on strained regional water supply. As the global water crisis grows, closing the water loop by transforming wastewater to potable water on community and regional scales will be a key factor in water resource sustainability.