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Government of Yucatan announces real estate investments for 4,565 million pesos

Source: Inmobilaire

11-25-2020 | News

By Monica Herrera

Grupo Inmobilia, a developer based in Yucatán and the state government, announced three real estate projects , all located in the Vía Montejo development ; that together, add an investment of 4 thousand 565 million pesos (mp) of private capital .

The Governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal, declared that this new investment will promote the economic reactivation of Yucatán and reaffirm it as a competitive and accurate place to attract investments that generate jobs, since more than 3,500 direct and indirect jobs will be created.

The projects consist of Tower Two in the corporate park , a 4-star Hotel and the new facilities of the Consulate General of the United States of America in Mérida.

Torre DOS, has an investment of 820 million pesos and will include eight levels, one commercial and the rest for offices, as well as common areas, ground floor lobby, high-speed elevators, service elevator and green areas.

The construction of the Hyatt Place Hotel of the 4-star “-Service” segment, aimed at national and foreign tourism , means an investment of 745 million pesos and its completion is scheduled for 2022. According to Vila Dosal, this project will promote the generation of 1,015 new jobs, between direct and indirect, for its construction and operation.

The hotel will have 142 rooms, combining the spectacular views of Via Montejo, with executive amenities such as business center, swimming pool, restaurant bar, meeting rooms, terrace, gym, among others. It will have a state-of-the-art hospitality center, devised as the banner of post-Covid hotel planning.

For its design, various care was taken regarding the planning of the rooms, amenities and common areas, so that you are ready to face the new normal.

While for the construction of the new facilities of the Consulate General of the United States of America, the firms Miller Hull Partnership and BL Harbert International, in coordination with local companies, will make an investment of 3,000 million pesos for the construction of the complex. Which is planned, provide more space, modern and secure to provide a better visa service and attention to US citizens throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Its conclusion is expected in 2023.

“Given the pandemic, which has caused job losses, today, the main responsibility that we have, in addition to taking care of the health of the Yucatecans, is to promote an economic reactivation, where not only investments are generated, but also jobs, for what construction is one of the main sectors of the economy, since it permeates into 66 other branches of the economy and money is dispersed among many people. For this reason, these investments are not only welcome, but we are very grateful for the trust they have in Yucatán, ”said the Governor.

Likewise, he highlighted that according to the Competitiveness Index of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), Mérida was selected as the best city to invest in all of Mexico, the third most competitive in the country and the one that provides the best health and education.

The event was also attended by the director of Inmobilia Desarrollos, Roberto Kelleher Vales; the Consul General and Chief Official of the United States in Merida, Courtney Beale; and Emilio Díaz Castellanos, president of Grupo Dicas; as well as the mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha.

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