Miller Hull

Decatur Island Bunkhouse on ArchDaily

Source: ArchDaily

6-17-2021 | News

Light on the land and no more than necessary – these were the first principles that guided the development of a 400-square-foot bunkhouse adjacent to the iconic Decatur Island Cabin designed by Robert Hull, Miller Hull’s late founding partner, in 1986. A deep respect for the natural condition of the site drove all decisions made by the design team. By elevating the enclosed volume above the site, the building massing amplifies the sloping topography while minimizing site disturbance. Foundations were reduced to six-point loads puncturing the natural landscape. A timber exoskeleton pays homage to the neighboring cabin while supporting a simple “sleeve” of interior space. These rooms are arranged with sensitivity to exposure and views, allowing the bunkhouse to sit near the cabin while maintaining privacy.

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