Miller Hull

Kendeda Building at Georgia Tech featured in Architect Magazine

Source: Architect Magazine

10-8-2021 | News

What Makes Architecture Excellent Today?

What makes a building great? A query for examples of “great architecture” will certainly return a list of beautiful objects and forms. But beyond a privileged few, whom have those projects served—and how much does that matter?

For many design professionals, architecture is more than the final product. It is a language, a process of creating spaces for people, and a representation of what we value as a culture. What is good and appropriate in one context may not work in another. Though defining design excellence can be like “asking the meaning of life,” says Marlon Blackwell, FAIA, describing it is possible: “Good architecture is resolute. [It has] resolution in the scale of the site and the building, and in the hand or detail.”

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