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2023 Association for Preservation Technology International Annual Conference: April Ng

Date: 10-12-2023
Time: 11:00am-12:30pm PST
Location: Sheraton Grand Seattle, Seattle, WA

10-2-2023 | Events

Associate and Architect April Ng will be  discussing “Renovating a Pacific Northwest Mid-Century Gem,” at the Association for Preservation Technology International Annual Conference.

Located on a beautifully landscaped bluff overlooking Puget Sound, Loom House is an extensive renovation of a 1960s Pacific Northwest mid-century 2-building residence on Bainbridge Island, Washington. As one of only four homes on earth to meet full Living Building Challenge Certification through net positive energy and water, food production and a strict materials Red List, Loom House is considered one of the most sustainable residences in the world. Inspired by weaving together people, place, community and equity, the project provides other homeowners with a prototype to renovate using resilient retrofitting strategies.

The impact of Loom House has continued to drive the project forward, advocating for change far beyond its property line. From design through construction, the goal of the project was to create global impact by demonstrating a path to Living Building Challenge Certification for all residential remodels.

There are over 130 million existing homes in the U.S., accounting for 55% of the energy used in all buildings. One of the biggest actions we can take to address the climate crisis is to harness the potential of these homes and transform them into buildings that restore the environment. By improving energy performance, supporting the natural water systems, and revitalizing the site, Loom House establishes a new framework for all current and future residences. This new era of high-performance renovations factors in principles such as reducing embodied carbon and emissions while also providing resiliency.

Above all, the design respects the exposed wood structure character and large glazing of walls of Hal Moldstad’s mid-century design and thrives in a rejuvenated Pacific Northwest landscape. This presentation will focus on strategies implemented to renovate a mid-century gem to high performance standards in a way that celebrates the spirit of the original architecture. Specific stories will be shared including improving air barrier continuity, adding roof insulation with minimized visual impact, window replacement harmonized with original architectural character, and addition of current technology to the 1960s aesthetic.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop strategies to upgrade and renovate an existing home to high performance standards while maintaining the original architectural character.
  • Review approaches to upgrade a building’s existing utilities to reduce carbon emissions, restore local water systems and increase resiliency.
  • Develop an understanding of the Living Building Challenge with goals and strategies to achieve certification.
  • Deepen the understanding of residential renovations and potential impacts beyond the site.

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April Ng

AIA, Associate

April is a Project Manager and Project Architect with experience in single-family residential, public interest design, and both public and private projects that emphasize sustainable performance. With each project’s unique client, site, and sustainability goals come new design strategies to test and implement. April excels at implementing high sustainability design into her work and exploring environmental…

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