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2023 Advancing Mass Timber Construction: Alex Zink and Nick Clesi

Date: 9-12-2023
Time: 11:20am EST
Location: Atlanta, GA

9-1-2023 | Events

Architects Alex Zink and Nick Clesi will be discussing “Understanding Embodied Carbon in Mass Timber Projects to Enhance Competitiveness” as part of the the 2023 Advancing Mass Timber Construction.

• Reviewing embodied carbon for mass timber and hybrid mass timber buildings compared to traditional structures

• Analyzing embodied carbon for deconstruction of existing timber structures

• Discussing how DLT can provide acoustic and finish solutions that also reduce cost and embodied carbon

• Sourcing sustainable and local wood for mass timber projects

• Paving the way for healthier mass timber solutions through EPD’s

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Alex Zink


“I hope that in my career I can help improve cities to make them more walkable, equitable, green, sustainable, and enjoyable for people, and to help limit sprawl and suburban development. Mass timber construction is key to a lot of these goals, and although there are challenges – sustainable wood sourcing, cost, moisture protection – I…

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Nick Clesi


“My journey as a designer began as a child when I learned about carpentry and historic renovations from my dad and Grandpa’s business in New Orleans. While in high school, Hurricane Katrina heavily damaged my childhood home, and I had the opportunity to help redesign it. I believe all architecture should be rooted in its place,…

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