Miller Hull

Challenge & Change: Miller Hull’s Living Building Practice

5-3-2023 | News

Release: May 3, 2023 (Living Future 23’ DC)
Author: Mary Adam Thomas
Foreword: David Miller
Publisher: Ecotone Publishing – An Imprint of the International Living Future Institute


Challenge & Change: Miller Hull’s Living Building Practice explores the arc of this extraordinary architecture firm’s sustainability story – from its 1970s origins as a pioneer in environmentalism to its 21st-century role as one of the most prominent designers of Living Buildings. The book looks back at when, how, and why Miller Hull was an enthusiastic early adopter of the Living Building Challenge, examining how the world’s greenest standard has become woven into the fabric of the firm’s regenerative design ethos.

The book begins with a heartening foreword written by co-founder David Miller. Early chapters then delve into the culture, principles, and processes of the firm, as well as its embrace of the Living Building Challenge.

Spotlights of Miller Hull’s first certified Living Building Challenge projects follow, giving readers a glimpse at key technical, strategic, biophilic, and creative details that emerged in the making of:

  •             The Bullitt Center (Seattle, WA)
  •             The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA)
  •             Miller Hull Seattle Studio Renovation (Seattle, WA)
  •             Miller Hull San Diego Studio Renovation (San Diego, CA)
  •             Loom House (Bainbridge Island, WA)

Challenge & Change concludes with snapshots of planned Living Building work, including:

  •             The BLOCK Project (Seattle, WA)
  •             The Sage School Master Plan (Hailey, ID)
  •             The Port of Seattle Maritime Innovation Center (Seattle, WA)

The book blends narrative descriptions with team member insights to tell both the technical and inspirational stories of Miller Hull’s Living Building Challenge practice and the first Living projects it has delivered. Readers get a full sense of the professional and personal commitment made by the firm’s people, colleagues, and clients – all of whom devote themselves to the art and science of profound change.

Like the transformative, low-carbon, healthy, and equitable projects it celebrates, Challenge & Change: Miller Hull’s Living Building Practice is a valuable resource for interdisciplinary design professionals, commercial developers, municipalities, homeowners, students, or anyone interested in regenerative built environments that can be economically and ecologically sustainable.

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