Miller Hull

The New U.S. Consulate Campus
in Guadalajara, Mexico

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The true essence of their
practice and the genius of
their work is collaboration.
2003 AIA National Firm Award certificate

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We are not defined by
the projects we do, but by
the problems we solve.
Robert Hull

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Founded with a strong humanitarian core, The Miller Hull Partnership has always been about people, and we’ve devoted ourselves to finding the most beautiful and graceful ways that design can shape humanity’s experience of the world.

Recognized for impactful, beautiful, and planet-positive designs, the firm’s work extends across spaces in which people Live, Work, Learn, Gather, and Serve. Underpinning each of these market sectors is a commitment to curiosity, connecting each of our projects to THINK, an ethos that fuels our embrace of critical thinking, research, and deep inquiry. These foundational values guide our work, while broadening our knowledge of the world. Our two studios in Seattle and San Diego with a staff of over 125 enable our responsiveness to projects across the country and the globe, applying our regionalist philosophy in local and distant communities alike.