Miller Hull

Boarding School for Afghan Girls

Creating a new kind of boarding school
Client Sahar Education
Completion 2022

The Boarding School for Afghan Girls is a first of its kind, boarding school and a new model for Afghanistan. It will educate 256 rural girls whose education is frequently cut short due to lack of security, poverty, proximity and lack of female teachers. This campus will provide a secure realm for educational programs that enable girls to actively participate in social, political, and economic arenas in their communities. A significant by product of educating girls is a reduction in carbon emissions. Women with more years of education have fewer and healthier children, and actively manage their reproductive health. The potential positive impact to our planet for educating girls in developing countries is 17 times greater than constructing net-zero energy buildings.

The transformative design of the Boarding School uses local resources and a vernacular approach with high-performing solutions. Operating 90% off the grid, the school is inclusive of healing environments for wellness and health as well as safety for refugees.