Miller Hull

Alexa Burke

Associate, Human Resources Manager

Seattle Studio

Alexa is the ultimate advocate. Working hard day in and out to support and champion both the firm and its employees, her role at its core is about people. Luckily, Miller Hull’s people are Alexa’s favorite part of the day. “I’m surrounded by incredibly passionate and smart individuals,” she says,” who are genuinely cared about and supported by the firm at large.” To her, it feels good to have such a mutual and symbiotic dynamic between the whole and its constituent parts.

Though this kind of environment is nothing new for Alexa. With her father a retired Miller Hull partner, she grew up with the firm, and spent many bring-your-daughter-to-work days using all the colored pencils to draw “houses” like the architects. “It was a much smaller place back then. There were about ten employees vs now at over 120.” But knowing where the firm came from and how far it’s come has given her a special and unique perspective, as she’s seen the progress, the growth, and the effort to maintain the same welcoming and familial culture that it had from the start.

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