Miller Hull

Chris Grammens

AIA, Associate, BIM Manager

Seattle Studio

An aficionado of technology and its intersection with architecture since his early days, Chris taught himself 3D modeling, and has been working rigorously all his career to discover how to best use technology to build better buildings. At Miller Hull, he leads the charge of new tech, and spends much of his time testing a variety of workflows that make use of different technologies. “It’s all about finding a smarter way to do things, and using tech in a way that can give us more insight into the work we put forward.”

Chris is a practicing architect as well as a design technology manager, and so he believes in equal parts science and art, a core motivation that drives his home brewing practice where he experiments regularly with different yeasts and fermentation styles, often sharing his creations at Miller Hull’s weekly Design Panel. It’s this harmony between expression and mechanics that resonates with Chris, a balance he always aims to strike in both his professional and personal lives.

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