Miller Hull

Cristine Traber

AIA, Associate

Seattle Studio

Cristine likens her role as Project Manager to that of a conductor for a large symphony orchestra. “I hope to help my teams and projects continue to become more finely tuned and master more complex and refined design.” Through the different disciplines, perspectives, and backgrounds, she leads people to create something truly melodic, finding consistency and commonality between many disparate parts.

A natural creative with a background in art and set design, Cristine has a knack for seeking inspiration in all angles. “There’s a really beautiful synergy when you start to think about the potential of things rather than looking at them at face value.” This is why process is so important — no matter the task, when you look at the full potential of any act as an exercise, it becomes so much more enriching.

These days, Cristine’s main source of creativity outside of her role at Miller Hull is her garden, where she is reminded daily of the interconnectedness of everything, and the joy elicited when creating a habitat and ecosystem. The nurturing of earth reminds Cristine of architecture’s broader goal — to create, enhance, and contribute cyclically to the world around.

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