Miller Hull

Doug Mikko


Seattle Studio

Despite his technological prowess, Doug considers himself a creative. As a musician, photographer, and trained architect, he understands the art of creation, and appreciates everything that goes into building beauty from scratch. This exposure to the arts has helped him better interface with designers, enabling him to explain technical concepts in ways that resonate immediately.

Over the course of his 23 years at Miller Hull, Doug has led the firm to embrace new technologies, and has helped facilitate the growth of the studio from a few workstations to hundreds. He has developed technology infrastructure, established cyber security, built computers, and decreased the firm’s overall energy use by 50%. But just as committed to people as he is technology, Doug is a guardian of Miller Hull’s culture, and is a constant advocate for strengthening the team camaraderie. Striking the unusual balance between soulful and methodical, high-tech and accessible, Doug ensures that Miller Hull’s technology roadmap always aligns with company’s goals, strategies, and values.

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