Miller Hull

Jennifer Stormont

AIA, Senior Associate

Seattle Studio

Jennifer believes the architectural experience is magical. From approaching the building at the street level, to walking inside, to experiencing the interior space, the furnishes, the finishes, the flow.  “To me, the interior is the heart of the project. You can affect so much change in people’s daily lives with smart and thoughtful design on the inside.” But the interior isn’t just the inside of a building — it is at once a call and a response, an expression unto itself and an allusion to its shell. “Too often are the two treated as entirely detached disciplines. They are separate, but they’re entwined, and you can’t design one without the other.”

As head of Miller Hull’s Interior Design studio, Jennifer insists it takes an entire team to make a building, each person owning their individual expertise while also honing the ability and willingness to understand how their piece impacts the whole, and vice versa. As her career becomes increasingly collaborative, Jennifer feels team engagement invigorates her approach, providing both empowerment and critical support. Co-collaboration in design makes extraordinary spaces, and the excitement it yields has Jenifer consistently aiming to learn new things and expand her experience.

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