Miller Hull

John MacKay

AIA, Senior Associate

Seattle Studio

John is an explorer. From his travels, to his career path, to the way he approaches each and every part of each and every project, John believes in the kind of investment that comes from the complete willingness to wonder. It’s what led him to teach art to kids. It’s what drew him to construction projects in the South Pole and along the Appalachian Trail. And it’s why John is the ideal teammate and leader at Miller Hull, parsing things out to their fullest extent until he gets them just right. “Let’s be fully present in what we’re doing. That detail we’re working on — let it be the best damn detail we’ve ever done. Whatever we’re doing, let us fully commit ourselves, and become completely immersed in the process.” To John, the design process is all exploration, which is why every fragment of it matters.

While his deft hand draws quickly, and his mind challenges and pushes the design vision forward, John works deeply to understand his clients’ dreams. With a diverse collection of projects celebrating where people live, work, gather, learn, and serve, John is always focused on how the project brings health and happiness to the owner, those using the space, and the community beyond.

Lectures & Juries

  • UW Police Department Grand Opening
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