Miller Hull

Julie Irvin Martinez

Principal, Marketing Director

Seattle Studio

Julie wants Miller Hull to be itself; to be unabashedly true to its people, steadfast in its mission, resolute in its ambitions. She believes this kind of authenticity will yield the best wins, because the most enjoyable connections and opportunities don’t come when you sell, but when you are.

As an Activator, Julie’s three-pronged approach of connecting, challenging, and aggregating ensures that Miller Hull is asking itself the right questions, and working to achieve the projects we want in the way that we want.

Julie insists it’s a team effort, but it seems she’s the leader, her colleagues consistently referring to her as their “captain” with a tenderly competitive and strategic heart. “Being the coach to such innovative minds is my challenge and joy, and when we all come together and do our best, there is such a sense of accomplishment, win or lose.” Walking a delicate line between polar practices, Julie excels in this space in between, marrying creativity with rigor, macro with micro, and, as her kids remind her, serious with silly.

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