Miller Hull

Kevin Carpenter

AIA, Associate

San Diego Studio

A strong conduit from design to construction, and a vehicle of diplomacy between architects, consultants and contractors, Kevin often functions as an intermediary. Linking people, disciplines, and ideas, Kevin is a natural communicator, and consistently comes up with pragmatic concepts that speak to everyone involved. “I’ve come to the realization that an architect’s role on a project can really shine through as the person who builds consensus among different needs.” This consensus, Kevin says, can make or break a project.

With a father as an architect, Kevin has always had an eye for how things go together, cultivating a lifelong interest in constructibility and detailing. Developed alongside this interest, however, was also the desire to make places better. “I’m always championing opportunities to improve things in the built environment. Whether it’s a community group or speaking out in my neighborhood, I stand up to make the built environment the best place it can be.”

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