Miller Hull

Michelle Petersen

AIA, Associate

Seattle Studio

With a background in art, Michelle was a painter before discovering a love for architecture. “Architecture is very exciting in terms of how accessible it can be and how it impacts the way we live. Not so different from art, architecture has the potential to be profound, but it is far more integrated into most people’s daily lives.” Michelle believes that if you’re working in public architecture, you’re creating structures that people will use, confront, and interact with regardless of whether or not they’re looking for it. The way buildings shape how a city grows and operates is one of the biggest reasons why Michelle decided to become an architect: to create impactful spaces that are environmentally responsible, and to move the urban space towards equity and beauty.

Michelle works actively to support Miller Hull’s design leaders, helping to develop core ideas and then following through with those concepts from campus scale to detailing. Heavily involved in the firm’s embassy projects, she enjoys the challenge of designing buildings that need to be contextual, representational, and high performance – all at the same time.

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