Miller Hull

Mike Jobes

AIA, Principal

Seattle Studio

Mike loves gray areas. To him, this is where to find the big questions, and the messy answers. The complexity. In fact, bringing this nuance into every project is what Mike considers to be his biggest contribution. “I’m constantly looking at the bigger context of the project. The building as part of a greater experience with the topography and landscape and city grid.”

Considering everything means thinking bigger, which is why Mike prefers big talk over small talk. With an ultimate goal of knowing people and places better, Mike always aims to share as much about himself as possible, believing that a willingness to be open is what sets the foundation for authentic and honest dialogue. It’s what has made Mike such a successful design lead and placemaker — he prioritizes mutual learning, and immerses himself in the customs and culture of wherever he is. “We need to absorb the whole thing so we can shape it,” says Mike, acknowledging that in order for Miller Hull to contribute to place or a community, we must first do our best to understand it.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2014 Keynote Address Washington State University Imagine Tomorrow Competition: Mike Jobes
  • Bothell City Hall | Grand Opening
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