Miller Hull

Ruth Baleiko

FAIA, Partner

Seattle Studio

Architecture, as a profession, is often perceived as an intellectual and academic discipline, and therefore, an exclusive one. This notion is one that Ruth is eager to disprove. “I think the practice could do more to demonstrate the approachability in what we do.” Determined to demystify the impact architects bring to spaces, Ruth believes that accessibility is key for the industry to flourish; people need to see that good design is for everyone, everywhere, and an architect’s job is to improve, build community, make places.

Always answering a question with a question, Ruth is ever-curious, pushing colleagues and clients alike to get to the essence, the conceptual center that contains the relatable human root. Bringing building design to its elemental core, Ruth believes this might be the way to expose the universality of the practice. After all, humans have an innate relationship with the surrounding space, and are conditioned to know what feels right or wrong without necessarily being able to pinpoint the reason. Ruth’s approach aims to speak to this instinctive awareness within people, inspiring delight within every person who encounters her work.

Lectures & Juries

  • Ruth Baleiko to speak at Library Journal Webcast on June 17, 2020
  • Ruth Balieko to lead tour at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting
  • Miller Hull at SCUP Pacific Northwest Regional Conference
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