Miller Hull

Zubin Rao

AIA, Associate

Seattle Studio

Zubin sees architecture as a humanities discipline. “You get to think broadly about so many different things — how people use spaces, history, visual culture, how materials come together, code issues…” He gravitates towards the intellectual diversity of the profession, and delights in finding elegant solutions that solve multiple project issues simultaneously.

Typically in the role of Project Manager, Zubin works on projects where his role is often expansive, ranging from client interface to contracting to design to documentation. Always interested in learning new things, Zubin’s work has spanned projects using every delivery method as well as a wide range of typologies including fire stations, wastewater facilities, higher education buildings and consular facilities.

Growing up in the Detroit area, Zubin developed an appreciation for the complexity and intricacies of the built environment early on, taking a particular interest in the ebb and flow of urban spaces, as well as the social history of places and how they affect equity issues. This background has made him particularly enjoy collaborating with clients who share his vision of creating long-term positive impact in communities everywhere. As a member of both Equity Lab and the hiring team at Miller Hull, Zubin directs this impact internally as well, working to promote inclusion and improving the lived experience of his colleagues.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2022 F.I.E.R.O. Station Design Symposium: Heather Ruszczyk and Zubin Rao
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