Miller Hull

ILFI | Net Positive Energy & Water Conference

Date: 2-19-2016
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego

2-2-2016 | Events

Water Management and conservation in Southern California: tour of Mesa College and Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

Water management is one of the most pressing issues that Californians are facing today. Join us for a tour of two institutional projects committed to cutting-edge water management – from conservation to treatment. Together, the Mesa College Cafeteria and Bookstore, and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) demonstrate techniques well integrated with their campus’ culture.

MCRD – Iconic in San Diego are our military installations and the community that surrounds them. At the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, the parade ground symbolizes celebration of incoming marines, and a focal point for the campus. The Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) provides basic training for over 17,000 recruits per year and is recognized as one of the leading Department of Defense facilities for the implementation of clean technologies. The innovative technology at MCRD is also designed to improve the Corps’ mission readiness. The Living MachineTM was selected by the Department of Defense’s ESTCP demonstration and validation program to document the performance of a reliable, efficient, and environmentally sound sanitation and water reuse system that can be deployed at military facilities around the world.

Mesa College – Balfour Beatty Construction and the Miller Hull Partnership, in association SGPA, are working together utilizing Integrative Project Delivery practices to increase collaboration, solve challenges efficiently, and successfully deliver projects on time and under budget. The commitment to open communication between all stakeholders and the IPD team throughout design and construction ensures that all innovative input is considered to develop the highest quality building for the community college district, faculty and students. Some of this quality is manifested in the specific layout of the facility (designing for future flexibility), in addition to this being the first building on campus to house two cisterns to reclaim cooling tower water for 100% of the site’s irrigation needs. Integrating numerous other strategies into the building increases occupant comfort and the learning experience, while altogether reducing the total operating cost of the facility over it’s functional lifetime.

Admission is $55, and lunch is included.

Brian Court

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According to Brian, a new era of architecture is upon us. Because the built environment is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions, it’s time for architects to change the way we design buildings. “A lot of people think that the look and feel of a building has to be compromised for sustainability and high performance to…

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