Miller Hull

Brian Court

FAIA, Partner

Seattle Studio

According to Brian, a new era of architecture is upon us. Because the built environment is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions, it’s time for architects to change the way we design buildings. “A lot of people think that the look and feel of a building has to be compromised for sustainability and high performance to be included.” This, Brian explains, is a great misconception – that we somehow have to settle for less design in order to be kinder to the planet.

Brian has devoted much of his career to exploring what environmentally responsible architecture might look like. What if we let go of our old notions of what a building should look like? What if we design buildings from the inside out? In this time of environmental crisis, form should be a direct result of site, climate, and systems.

Brian’s commitment to performative design has earned him a reputation as a prominent performance-driven architect. Leading the design of some of the country’s most sustainable buildings like the Bullitt Center and the Kendeda Building – the first Living Building Challenge project to win an AIA National Award – Brian is responsible for helping to affirm this approach and prove to the industry that ethics and aesthetics can, in fact, coexist.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2022 AIA National Conference: Brian Court
  • 2020 Architectural Record Webinar: Brian Court
  • 2017 Webinar “Design Innovation Using Wood,” Brian Court
  • University of Hawaii ‘Building Voices’ Earth Day Symposium: Brian Court
  • 2016 Canadian Wood Design & Building Awards Jury: Brian Court
  • Verdical Group | Net Zero Energy + Water + Waste Conference
  • Clinton Global Initiative | Sustainable Cities Working Group
  • ILFI | Net Positive Energy & Water Conference
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