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University of Hawaii ‘Building Voices’ Earth Day Symposium: Brian Court

Date: 4-22-2017
Location: State Capitol of Hawaii

3-23-2017 | Events

Building Voices Symposium organized by the University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Architecture casts a wide net over ecologically focused design from around the globe. Miller Hull Partner Brian Court is invited to share from his design experience with the Bullitt Center and the new Living Building at Georgia Tech.

Community leaders, government officials, students, faculty members, and designers gather to discuss the most pressing issues and opportunities for the future, to evaluate current models of practice and to shape aspirations for the challenges ahead, with ideas shared on Earth Day, April 22, 2017 in Hawaii’s State Capitol.

Themes to be addressed include: ecological resilience, resource independence, healthy citizens, community mobility, housing for all.

Diverse perspectives across scales and disciplinary boundaries will consider: How can design be utilized to approach these topics in new ways?
How will design methods need to evolve for the future of Hawai‘i? What role will DESIGNERS play in shaping that future?

Participants invited: community members, citizen-experts, students, artists, inventors, designers, architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers, builders, developers, and city and state officials.

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Brian Court

FAIA, Partner

According to Brian, a new era of architecture is upon us. Because the built environment is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions, it’s time for architects to change the way we design buildings. “A lot of people think that the look and feel of a building has to be compromised for sustainability and high performance to…

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