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2017 Webinar “Design Innovation Using Wood,” Brian Court

Date: 6-29-2017
Time: 2 pm
Location: online

6-27-2017 | Events

Presented by the Wood Structures Academy, this webinar will explore innovative uses of wood in building design, focusing on mass timber and cross-laminated timber (CLT), and profile two unique projects that embody the aesthetic, environmental, and structural strengths of wood as a building material.

Partner Brian Court, AIA, will present on the Bullitt Center, a prototype high-performance urban office building located in Seattle, dubbed the “greenest commercial building in the world.”

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The Wood Structures Academy delves into the innovative design and structural uses of wood materials in residential and commercial applications. It explores environmental and aesthetic benefits, technical advances, code-compliance, as well as the inherent opportunities for using wood in both conventional and unconventional ways. As innovative design solutions become increasingly critical in creating sustainable, cost-effective, modern structures, wood is seeing a new surge in popularity for both its natural beauty and performance qualities.


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Brian Court

FAIA, Partner

According to Brian, a new era of architecture is upon us. Because the built environment is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions, it’s time for architects to change the way we design buildings. “A lot of people think that the look and feel of a building has to be compromised for sustainability and high performance to…

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