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2020 Architectural Record Webinar: Brian Court

Date: 12-3-2020
Time: 11am EST
Location: Architectural Record Webinar

11-25-2020 | Events

Partner Brian Court will be on a panel discussing “A Hybrid Approach: Combining Mass Timber with Steel and Concrete,” a webinar put on by Architectural Record.

Session details:
With increasing frequency, design teams are turning to mass timber for its environmental attributes and natural warmth, as well as to speed construction. Sometimes, however, a hybrid structural solution might be a better fit, depending on local regulations, performance requirements, or architectural ambitions. Join RECORD and a panel of experts to explore a selection of exemplary projects—at a variety of scales and encompassing a range of building types—that combine mass timber with concrete or steel to create hybrid systems and make the most of each material.

Other speakers include Max Ricter, Certified Passive Huuse Designer, and John Peronto, Thornton Tomasetti.

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Brian Court

FAIA, Partner

According to Brian, a new era of architecture is upon us. Because the built environment is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions, it’s time for architects to change the way we design buildings. “A lot of people think that the look and feel of a building has to be compromised for sustainability and high performance to…

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