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Principal Ben Dalton speaks at CityAge: Build the Future in San Diego

Date: 4-25-2017
Time: 2:00pm
Location: San Diego Public Library

4-24-2017 | Events

City Age brings together civic, business and sustainability leaders from across North America for a discussion of city-building, an essential element to competing in a global economy. Successful urban regions must establish partnerships among business, universities and civil society that catalyze economic growth, build social and environmental resiliency and implement the urban design that attracts talented people to their city. ‘CityAge: Build the Future’ in San Diego joins over 30 prior events across the United States, Canada, London and Hong Kong in which 5000 leaders have gathered to chart an urban future.

Miller Hull principal Ben Dalton participates on a panel titled “The Idea City: Innovation and Urban Universities”, representing the IDEA1 building and IDEA District development which will include an extension location of the University of California San Diego.


The Idea City: Innovation and Urban Universities, April 26, 2017

In an era when producing knowledge matters more to the economy than ever before, how can universities produce the skills, ideas and partnerships needed to make our cities globally competitive, livable and inclusive? How can cities partner with leading knowledge institutions to build the future?

Rebecca Bagley, Vice Chancellor for Economic Partnerships, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Ben Dalton, Principal The Miller Hull Partnership

Erik Caldwell, Economic Development Director, City of San Diego, CA

Panel chair: Greg McKee, President & CEO, CONNECT


Ben Dalton

AIA, Principal

As a design leader at Miller Hull, Ben brings over 17 years of experience, including highly complex and sustainable projects. Ben is a great listener and he has a proven ability to sift through a project’s complexities to find an elegant and meaningful design concept. He has demonstrated a history of integrating programmatic needs and project…

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