Miller Hull

Ben Dalton

AIA, Partner

San Diego Studio

From Ben’s perspective, the perfect building is one that takes full advantage of its natural surroundings, doing everything to maintain a person’s physical comfort, while deeply connecting them to where they are. “We are rejuvenated and inspired when we feel a connection to the natural world. Architecture should strive to deepen this connection rather than isolate us from it.” The experience of place is profoundly important to Ben, as is the experience of newness, adventure, and uncharted territory.

These affinities serve Ben well in his role as Design Lead, inspiring a constant appreciation for the unexplored, be they challenges that arise or unlikely solutions that emerge. They’re also partially responsible for Ben’s move to San Diego to open Miller Hull’s second studio over ten years ago. “San Diego was a journey of personal adventure, but also an opportunity to join the conversation of how a growing city evolves.”

Ben is passionate about bringing together different voices, amplifying the best parts of those voices, and then melding them together into a final, beautiful product. He brings himself and his experience to every project, ensuring a strong conceptual vision, but believes his strength as a curator of diverse ideas results in his best work.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2023 San Diego Green Building Conference & Expo: Ben Dalton and Jeffery Troutman
  • 2023 Affordable Housing & Community Development Conference: Ben Dalton and Jeffrey Umphres
  • 2022 + 2023 USD Real Estate Class, Integrated Project Delivery & BIM
  • 2022 AIA San Diego Conference: Ben Dalton
  • 2021 National DBIA Conference: Ben Dalton
  • 2021 WPR DBIA Conference: Ben Dalton
  • 2020 Greenbuild International Conference + Expo: Ben Dalton and Margaret Sprug
  • 2020 Net Zero Conference: Ben Dalton, Chris Hellstern and Tina Angeles
  • 2017 San Diego Green Building Council: Ben Dalton
  • 2017 CityAge: Build the Future in San Diego: Ben Dalton
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