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2023 San Diego Green Building Conference & Expo: Ben Dalton and Jeffery Troutman

Date: 10-27-2023
Time: 3-4 pm PST
Location: Guggenheim Theatre - 1st Floor

10-10-2023 | Events

Partner Ben Dalton and Associate Jeffrey Troutman will be discussing “The 3-Legged Stool of Decarbonization Will be Built out of Mass Timber” as part of the 2023 San Diego Green Building Conference and Expo.

The ‘Sustainable 3-Legged Stool’ that balances economy, community, and the environment has been a goal out of reach for most projects that infill our cities. However, the gap in our ability to meet this often-difficult hurdle has closed dramatically with the code adoption of Tall Mass Timber. These structural systems have roughly 50% less embodied-carbon and with proper foresting approaches traps even more carbon. Learn how to effectively implement this system by recognizing and applying special considerations early in the process.

Other speakers include Justin Wei, Associate Principal at DCI Engineering

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Ben Dalton

AIA, Partner

From Ben’s perspective, the perfect building is one that takes full advantage of its natural surroundings, doing everything to maintain a person’s physical comfort, while deeply connecting them to where they are. “We are rejuvenated and inspired when we feel a connection to the natural world. Architecture should strive to deepen this connection rather than isolate…

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Jeff Troutman

AIA, Associate

Jeff respects the art of building. Growing up painting and throwing ceramics was elemental in his education and his initial pursuit in college. That is, until he found the world of design and was pulled in by the combination of art and science. After switching to architecture, he continued to use his hands when working at…

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