Miller Hull

Jeff Troutman

AIA, Associate

San Diego Studio

Jeff respects the art of building. Growing up painting and throwing ceramics was elemental in his education and his initial pursuit in college. That is, until he found the world of design and was pulled in by the combination of art and science. After switching to architecture, he continued to use his hands when working at several design/build companies just out of college. “In school, they teach you the music, but you don’t necessarily learn to play the instruments. Working construction gave me the opportunity to actually sit down and learn to play.”  Having experience in the art of construction has given Jeff a stronger ability to advance the craft of architecture, and produce a strong narrative for the builder on how to construct the building.

Passionate about the outdoors, Jeff believes it is the world outside of the architecture he builds where we feel most connected to others. “I became interested in sustainability as a means of protecting that,” Jeff says. To Jeff good design in the built environment blends community and environment seamlessly. He believes cities are where humans are most involved in the ecosystem, where family, friends, and the earth all converge.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2023 San Diego Green Building Conference & Expo: Ben Dalton and Jeffery Troutman
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