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2020 Net Zero Conference: Ben Dalton, Chris Hellstern and Tina Angeles

Date: 9-16-2020
Time: 1 -1:45 p.m.
Location: Net Zero Conference 2020 - Virtual

8-4-2020 | Events

Principal Ben Dalton, Living Building Services Director Chris Hellstern and architect Tina Angeles will be on a panel discussing “Today’s Carbon Solution: Tenant Improvement with Net Positive Energy.”

Session details:
Solutions for driving down both operational and embodied carbon emissions associated with buildings are needed now – and already exist. One of the best available strategies is retrofitting existing building stock to achieve a net zero balance between energy consumption and production.

When renovating their second studio location, architecture firm Miller Hull set an ambitious goal to go beyond the achievements of their Living Building Petal Certified headquarters and also achieve net positive energy.

Serendipitously finding space in a building the firm had designed ten years ago, Miller Hull jumped at the chance to reuse while creating a better space for employees. This presentation will dive into lessons learned from designing and operating a net positive energy building with simple systems for a replicable model.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the different project priorities and strategies when designing a Net Zero TI vs. new construction or substantial renovation.

2. Understand the main requirements and carbon-related Imperatives of the Living Building Challenge.

3. Understand the primary drivers to reduce embodied carbon in a renovation project.

4. Understand the primary drivers that impact energy use in a tenant improvement project and opportunities to improve efficiency.

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Ben Dalton

AIA, Partner

From Ben’s perspective, the perfect building is one that takes full advantage of its natural surroundings, doing everything to maintain a person’s physical comfort, while deeply connecting them to where they are. “We are rejuvenated and inspired when we feel a connection to the natural world. Architecture should strive to deepen this connection rather than isolate…

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Chris Hellstern

AIA, LFA, Associate, Living Building Challenge Services Director

Every architect should be responsibly designing. According to Chris, influencing architecture from an ecological perspective is the most meaningful impact one can have on the industry, as it is so imperative that the field of architecture move forward at no less than the same speed that the climate changes.   As Miller Hull’s Living Building Challenge Services…

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