Miller Hull

Miller Hull to Offset the Carbon Emissions of Their Own Work

Source: Treehugger

6-17-2021 | News

“The Seattle Architects will eat their own dogfood.”

One story about where the phrase “eating your own dog food” came from links back to canned dog food company Kal Kan. It’s rumored the head of the company would eat a can of Kal Kan dog food at shareholders’ meetings to show how much he believed in the product and took responsibility for it. The tech industry picked it up and verbed it to “dogfooding.”

Seattle architects Miller Hull are now dogfooding their own work: They have introduced what they call Emission Zero, “an initiative that combines our actions to reduce climate impact through Design, our ongoing efforts to Educate and Advocate, and our commitment to Offset the greenhouse gas emissions released up to the point of occupancy for all of our built projects.”

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