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2023 Affordable Housing & Community Development Conference: Ben Dalton and Jeffrey Umphres

Date: 10-3-2024
Time: 10:20-11:45am PST
Location: Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, Grand Ballroom 9

10-1-2023 | Events

Partner Ben Dalton and Architect Jeffrey Umphres will be on a panel discussing “Reimagine Housing,” at the Affordable Housing & Community Development Conference.

This panel will be a prompt driven discussion of the potential benefits, opportunities and challenges entailed in the conversion of underutilized office space to housing coupled with ideas of revitalizing existing older housing stock for modernized rental or ownership. This forward-looking conversation will explore the idea of “doing more with what we have” from the perspectives of Engineers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Developers and Architects.

Other speakers include Zachary Adams – CONAM Management, Rosalind Ross – Vice President in Community Development Banking at JPMorganChase and Calina Ferraro – Principal at Introba.

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Ben Dalton

AIA, Partner

From Ben’s perspective, the perfect building is one that takes full advantage of its natural surroundings, doing everything to maintain a person’s physical comfort, while deeply connecting them to where they are. “We are rejuvenated and inspired when we feel a connection to the natural world. Architecture should strive to deepen this connection rather than isolate…

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Jeff Umphres

“Architecture is the embodiment of the intention that goes into sculpting spaces, and creating responsible, meaningful and uplifting places. Without thought and purpose, we are left with banal, underutilized buildings in boring, lifeless cities. And no one wants that.”

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