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Merida’s old US Consulate to be replaced with large state-of-the-art intelligent building

Source: The Yucatan Times

11-24-2020 | News

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- The new facilities of the Consulate General of the United States in Mérida is currently under construction, a new and enormous building that leaves behind the small building that it occupies for the moment in the Alcalá Martín neighborhood.

The latest figures he has is that nine million Americans arrive for tourism purposes and to live temporarily or permanently in the Yucatan Peninsula, which is equivalent to more than four times the population of the state of Yucatan, which is a little bit over 2 million, according to the latest Inegi census.

The US consul in Mérida, Courtney Beale, indicated in past interviews that every year the flow of people from that country to Yucatan, Quintana Roo or Campeche grows and gave the aforementioned figure as a projection made by the new US Consulate.

The construction of the new US Consulate in Yucatan is ongoing, the huge building will be built in the mega-complex known as Vía Montejo, at the exit to Progreso and will occupy a total area of ​​3 hectares.

The new Consulate is aimed at providing a larger space to be able to provide better visa service and attention to US citizens throughout the Peninsula.

It will be in charge of the Miller Hull Partnership and BL Harbert International firms, which in coordination with local companies, will make an investment of 3 billion pesos.

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