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2020 Metropolis Magazine Perspective: Sustainability: Steve Doub and Chris Hellstern

Date: 7-30-2020
Time: 3 - 5: 30 p.m. EST
Location: Metropolis Magazine Webinar

7-23-2020 | Events

Senior Associate Steve Doub and Living Building Services Director Chris Hellstern will participate in the roundtable discussion for the July 2020 Perspective: Sustainability put on by Metropolis Magazine.

Session details:
The roundtable will consist of a frank and open discussion about improving the entire scenario of specification for sustainability, including but not limited to certifications, sampling methods, transparency, value engineering, and end-of-life strategies. Leaders from our manufacturer partners will join, as well as architecture, engineering and construction leaders.

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Steve Doub

AIA, Principal, Specifier

“In architecture, you have to learn to be flexible. Projects change, technology evolves — the best work calls for versatility.” Versatility suggests knowing a little about a lot, but Steve is unique in that he knows a lot about a lot. He has to in order to flourish as Miller Hull’s specifier and quality management lead. Knowing…

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Chris Hellstern

AIA, LFA, Associate, Living Building Challenge Services Director

Every architect should be responsibly designing. According to Chris, influencing architecture from an ecological perspective is the most meaningful impact one can have on the industry, as it is so imperative that the field of architecture move forward at no less than the same speed that the climate changes.   As Miller Hull’s Living Building Challenge Services…

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