Miller Hull

Steve Doub

AIA, Principal, Specifier

Seattle Studio

“In architecture, you have to learn to be flexible. Projects change, technology evolves — the best work calls for versatility.” Versatility suggests knowing a little about a lot, but Steve is unique in that he knows a lot about a lot. He has to in order to flourish as Miller Hull’s specifier and quality management lead. Knowing the details is key. All of the details. And although Steve’s architecture education emphasized theory, his heart is in the mechanics of the art, the way things are made and put together. It’s in his bones, after all, with a contractor as a grandfather, and an engineer as a father.

Being so acutely familiar with a building’s individual pieces, Steve can enter into any project, and understand immediately how to best contribute his knowledge, whether through spec writing or quality control. His work in the field additionally offers a window into how contractors work and interpret drawings, thereby giving him inside access into any adjustments that need to be made for the sake of better communication and stronger partnerships.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2022 Advanced Building Skins Conference and Expo: Ruth Baleiko and Steve Doub
  • 2020 Metropolis Magazine Perspective: Sustainability: Steve Doub and Chris Hellstern
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