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2023 AIA National Conference: Marcy Shaw

Date: 6-8-2023
Time: 4pm
Location: San Francisco, CA

6-5-2023 | Events

Designer Marcy Shaw will be discussing “Wastewater Treatment: Stewardship at the Center of the Salish Sea” as part of the 2023 AIA National Conference  in San Francisco.

Often removed from public view, large-scale infrastructure projects provide opportunity for unparalleled impact in improving the health and habitat of our local, regional, and international communities. The Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant’s project definition phase employed an innovative approach to large-scale infrastructure planning, incorporating effluent treatment beyond regulatory requirements. This session will highlight how the client led a rigorous and integrative process with a diverse multidisciplinary team, resulting in tertiary treatment; a suite of ecological restoration projects for Iona Island and its foreshore; and elevated opportunities to develop partnerships within the community, province, and country.

Learning Objectives

  • Utilize interdisciplinary fluency to lay the foundation for a multifaceted and transformational solution that incorporates synergies and opportunities beyond the requirements for complex, public projects with difficult sites and/or program.
  • Learn how the Metro Vancouver was able to better integrate the health and ecological biodiversity of Iona Island, which played a key role in the community and park integration process.
  • Use the Integrated Project Delivery method to better coalesce the technical requirements, architectural design, community partnership features, educational opportunities, and environmental stewardship of complex projects.
  • Craft a narrative reflective of policies, targets, and goals, and transforming those ideas into conceptual design can lead to Board endorsement for planning and project definition phases.

Other speakers include Mathew Woodruff, Principal – Local Practice Architecture + Design Ltd., Sarah Primeau, Landscape Architect + Ecologist – space2place design, and Marek Ratajczak, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Project Manager – Metro Vancouver.

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