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2023 DBIA National Conference: Sian Roberts

Date: 11-2-2023
Time: 9:45-11am EST
Location: Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

10-28-2023 | Events

Partner Sian Roberts will be discussing “Get Your Motor Running – How a Validation Period Jump Starts the PDB Process” as part of the 2023 DBIA National Conference.

The first step in a Progressive Design-Build (PDB) process is for the parties to validate the project through what DBIA has termed the “Validation Period”. The parties must become aligned regarding the scope, schedule, and budget before collaboratively developing the remainder of the project. It is also important to perform a thorough review of the major risks associated with the project at the beginning to develop a plan for managing project risks throughout the project. Four PDB experts – An Owner, Design-Builder, designer and attorney – will guide participants through the Validation Period and discuss how to structure an effective Validation Period, strategies to achieve consensus and provide lessons learned. The four panelists are all members of the DBIA PDB Resources Committee.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the critical importance of a complete and thorough “Validation Period” as the foundation of a successful Progressive Design Build (PDB) project.
  • The successful development of PDB project Target Budgets, Scopes, and Schedules resulting from a well-executed “Validation Period”.
  • A broader understanding of how to develop and utilize “Benchmarking” in the Validation and Target development portion of the Project Definition Phase.

Other speakers include Robynne Thaxton – Attorney at Thaxton Parkinson, Brian Aske – Director at Lease Crutcher Lewis, and Geoffrey Neumayr – Chief Development Officer at the San Francisco International Airport.

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Sian Roberts

FAIA, Partner

Sian is an observer; everywhere she goes, she appreciates the human interventions in our environment, and is able to detect all the pieces and parts and decisions that go into the world’s construction. Initially a student of science, Sian believed that this interest in structure and matter was fated for the study of physics. She quickly…

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