Miller Hull

Sian Roberts

FAIA, Partner

Seattle Studio

Sian is an observer; everywhere she goes, she appreciates the human interventions in our environment, and is able to detect all the pieces and parts and decisions that go into the world’s construction. Initially a student of science, Sian believed that this interest in structure and matter was fated for the study of physics. She quickly discovered, however, that she was more intrigued by the way that humans move through space, and saw the potential of place within this space. “How light and smell and color and form all come together inside you as a human and individual;” this, Sian describes, is the science of space.

Consistently marrying science and design, analysis and intuition, Sian is just as dually focused on the link between process and outcome. She believes that no project can be realized to its greatest extent until all team members come to the table and understand unequivocally the path towards execution. This emphasis on partnership is partially responsible for Sian’s leadership role on many of Miller Hull’s most collaborative projects including progressive design-build, design-build, and GC/CM efforts. The future of project delivery lies within the willingness to work together, and the empathy that results. Sian is one of the few pioneering this approach.

Lectures & Juries

  • 2024 DBIA Northwest Region Oregon Chapter: Sian Roberts
  • 2023 DBIA National Conference: Sian Roberts
  • 2022 Greenbuild National Conference: Sian Roberts
  • 2019 DBIA National Conference: Sian Roberts
  • 2019 AIA National Conference on Architecture: Sian Roberts
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