Social Equity

From volunteering in our communities to actively seeking to increase diversity and opportunity in our profession, Miller Hull is serious about our role in contributing to the social and cultural health of communities through design and practice. Read on for a review of some of the ways we commit to social equity within our own business and in our community beyond.

Pro Bono Design Services

Since 2005, Miller Hull has participated in the 1+ program donating at least 1% of our collective working hours pro bono every year to non-profit organizations that require but cannot afford architectural services. Donating services enables us to share our professional expertise to those in need and who share a common mission supporting progressive environmentalism and social equity focused causes in our community.

Some of our 1+ projects include Bayside Community Center, Matt’s Place, Mighty House, and the ROOTS Young Adult Shelter.



Our commitment to create an equitable workplace and improve our professional industry is guided by these initiatives and certifications.


We were among the first companies to achieve a JUST label, a social justice transparency platform and disclosure tool developed by the International Living Future Institute. The JUST label provides at-a-glance information in key social justice categories, such as diversity, equity, safety, employee benefit, local benefit and community stewardship. Using the JUST label as one of our guides, we continue to improve our metrics each year as we work towards a more just workplace for our employees. Click here to view our current JUST label, and here to see a progression of our JUST labels in the past.

National Organization of Minority Architects

Miller Hull has committed to the NOMA NW 2020 Call to Action Pledge and the NOMA SoCal DEI Challenge 2020.


Black Lives Matter.

Following the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the nation’s racial reckoning in the of summer 2020, Miller Hull took a hard look at our practices and policies with a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) lens. We believe that through actionable and systemic change within Miller Hull, we can shape our workplace into an equitable and safe space for Black, Indigenous and People of Color, and ultimately for all staff members. We aim to create a work environment where all staff feel valued, seen and heard.


Miller Hull is committed to fostering a more equitable workplace. Here are some of the actions and initiatives on which we are currently working:


We started by listening to and engaging both studios with firm-wide conversations focused on JE:DI as it relates to our work and what we can do better. These conversations daylit our blind spots and failings when it comes to race at Miller Hull. In an effort to truly understand where we, in 2020 we hired Paradigm, a third part consultant, to conduct an internal assessment of our firm and identify opportunity areas for improvement with regard to increasing diversity and the quality of workplace for our Black, Indigenous and staff of color.


After the murder of George Floyd, we established Equity Lab, a committee whose purpose is to focus on and advise firm leadership and staff on JE:DI issues. Some of Equity Lab’s current actions include: conducting an internal assessment through a third party consultant and making recommendations for change based on the assessment findings, developing a racial, diversity, equity and inclusion action plan and following through on the commitments made through the NOMA SoCal and NOMA NW pledges.


We believe that architecture designed by teams of diverse talent results in inclusive design. To increase diversity in our studios, we conduct outreach for new positions through the National Organization of Minority Architects and publicize our listings on job websites that focus on reaching racially diverse applicants, veterans, and people with disabilities. We adhere to federal hiring practices and audits established by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Open Studio

Open Studio is an introductory architecture program designed to provide high school students an opportunity to explore architecture as a practice and potential profession. Through outreach and education, the goal of the program is to introduce architecture to a diverse group of high-school students who may not have previously considered architecture as a career path and prepare students for a successful architectural education in college.

Equity Lab

The mission of Equity Lab is to create an anti-racist environment within Miller Hull that empowers all individuals in our community to feel loved, seen, affirmed, understood, valued, protected and welcomed. We must continually evaluate our progress while remaining open to criticism, discomfort, and learning as we acknowledge that although we don’t have all the answers, we have an obligation to move the dial in an anti-racist direction.

By equipping our community with the tools, knowledge, and skills to better understand the necessity and urgency of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work, we can promote anti-racism in all facets of our work and business. Equity Lab is an advisory group of individuals within the Miller Hull Partnership who collectively provide recommendations, support and guidance as we continue on our DEI path. Equity Lab is also introspective, self-evaluating and evolving – we aim to hold ourselves and our community accountable to a high standard of anti-racist practice and recognize that as we are in the beginning of the journey, our methods and make up may change to better achieve diversity, equity and inclusion.

We believe that architecture designed by teams of diverse, multicultural and multiracial talent results in inclusive design. We do the work best when we do it together. We do the best work when we include all voices.